Monday, January 6, 2014

Consistent standards for combat?

If, as a country, the U.S. believes it holds the obligation or selfishness to place its women on the front lines in combat, is this progress or a sad commentary as to the decline of moral obligation? 

The U.S. Marine Corps is now deliberating as to whether or not to lower the standard for basic training for women, among whom, 55% are unable to perform the standing 3 pull-ups minimum standard.

will always respect women, in general, for all that they contribute to our families and society, and all the more for those who have served our country, but shouldn't these continual clues tell us something?

Our Creator has assured us in his Word that we are all equal in the spiritual realm, but he has also outlined specific duties and obligations to us based upon the gender of our birth. The entire recorded history of mankind has underscored that women are able to do anything REQUIRED in order to preserve themselves and their families. That is not to say that they are all designed to perform all of these duties every day, simply as a matter of choice. The Biblical model for humankind dictates that women should be revered and protected as the nurturers of their children and the help-meets of their husbands. Men are meant to protect their entire families in every way possible. Generally speaking, God designed them specifically for this purpose toward their family, with greater physical potential than their female counterparts.

These differences between the sexes do not diminish the other, rather they complement the other. As for any society, one gender is doomed without the other. They need each other. I realize that's bad news for the "alternative lifestyle" crowd, but they don't realize that their lifestyle will be bad news for them all of their living years unless they come to grasp their God-given purpose while they're here.

If the inhabitants of a country take the messages of the Bible seriously; that they are to protect their families at all costs, and that women are to be revered and protected as the nurturers of their children, would husbands then sit on the sidelines while they send their wives off to war, away from their children, and then simply do the best they can? Would wives leave their children behind, with or without a father, believing that their influence is equally interchangeable with anyone left in custody of their children? Is God to bless this, all in the name of progress and equality? I think not. God designed us the way that he did by design, not by accident. What do you think?