After Obama’s recent unconstitutional and illegal amnesty proposal, few cities would rush to welcome him with a red carpet party, and it seems that even Las Vegas is now among them.
One would think that Sin City, with its often questionable ethics and morals, would be a last bastion of support for the embattled prez. But apparently their state’s relatively close proximity to the southern border makes for a deal breaker when it comes to Obama’s current immigration policy.

As Obama arrived at the same Vegas high school he’d visited twice before as the first stop on his amnesty peddling tour, he was met with an angry assembly of protesters with signs in tow.
Lesley Clark, White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers’ Washington Bureau, posted on Twitter that the crowd of protesters who met the president outside the gym were chanting, “Worst president ever, Obama!” Signs could also be seen outside the venue with such messages as, “Impeach Obama,” and, “No Amnesty.”
The Review-Journal misleadingly described the less than cheerful crowd as “dozens of protesters” who seem to be most displeased with Obama’s imperialism with respect to amnesty for illegal immigrants.
The protest didn’t stop outside of the event, though, as Obama was also heckled during his speech. But this has become rather commonplace these days for our dear leader.

This is not the first time the president has received a chilly reception in Las Vegas, either. Back in 2010, Obama was forced to proclaim his love for Las Vegas in reparation for the outrage of local citizens, business owners, and politicians at his defamatory comments about Las Vegas being a place of “excess and overindulgence when Americans should be tightening their belts.”
At that time, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman was one of the president’s most outspoken critics.
He remembered Obama’s similar depiction of the city a year earlier when he spoke to a crowd in Elkhart, Indiana, about excess and corruption on Wall Street.
During prior Obama visits, Goodman decided against welcoming him at the airport and turned down a White House invitation to meet with the president.
“I have told some folks who have asked under what terms I would meet and I said, ‘If he calls me and indicates he will rectify the situation,’” the mayor said at his weekly news conference at the time, “‘and buys me a martini, then I would certainly honor that request.’”
Goodman also stated at the time that “The president had a real psychological hang-up about the entertainment capital of the world.”
If Obama is received this way in Las Vegas, where can he catch a break? Well, at least he’s still loved in Hollywood, even though it’s not unanimous.
Although it would no longer be inconceivable that this president might assume the role of King of the United States at some point, it’s a good thing for him that he’s now only campaigning for his destructive policies and not for another presidential term.
You know you’re in trouble when even Las Vegas isn’t willing to gamble with you anymore.

Photo Credit: YouTube